Planning Out The Perfect Reception

Your wedding day is the one day you have no doubt been looking forward to for a very long time. Many little girls plan their wedding day long before they have even met the right man. For most brides, their wedding is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be the perfect princess. In everyday life we often have to think twice about the money we spend however when planning a wedding we have more liberty to spend a little extra to make the day perfect and we think this is what makes wedding a little bit more special.

Choosing a theme

In the past, wedding themes were fairly boring with wedding halls being decorated simply with natural, plastic or cloth wedding flowers venue decoration was nothing but vases filled with white flowers. Today however, wedding are a lot more interesting with brides and grooms having the opportunity to choose any wedding theme from Twilight to even minion theme wedding and therefore your options are in the thousands.

Spend a number of weeks looking through different wedding magazines and online before you decide on your theme. You may not even have to use wedding flowers. Venue decoration can be just about anything and you are free to be as creative as you want because it is your day. Get together with your fiancé and decide on what your favorite movies, your favorite games or your favorite activities are and choose a theme that is based on something you both love.

Your wedding does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. The truth is if you are creative enough you might be able to get away with having the perfect wedding on a very small budget. Begin with your wedding location. Choosing to host your wedding at a grand reception hall is likely to cost you a lot of money and it is anything but original. Try to make an effort to do things that other people don’t do such as hosting your wedding in a public park or your own back yard.

Make an effort to keep your wedding as original as possible. One way to do this is to try to make as much of your day about yourself and your groom as possible. Do a quick search online about do it yourself wedding decor and you are likely to find hundreds of ideas about amazing the decor that is not only simple but cheap and easy to make. You might even consider ditching the fresh flowerets all together and making your own wedding bouquet from the wire and even paper. Handmade wedding bouquets are some of the most beautiful bouquets out there.