Capturing Pictures Vs Narccism

If you are one of those people who finds yourself on social media during most of your free time and you have what is known as the selfie craze – that is taking pictures of yourself with your phone and uploading it on the internet every few hours, you need to know that this is not a good habit. In fact continuously taking selfies has recently been diagnosed as a mental condition that stems from narcissm and the constant need for attention and approval. It is important to remember that just a year or two ago we survived as a society without social media and during this time we managed to get a lot more work done and we were a lot more effective with the work that we did. Today however we find young people taking pictures of themselves while eating dressing shopping and everything in between followed by letting the world know about their every move. The world does not care what you had for breakfast nor does it care about that new dress you purchased.

False perspective displayed on social media

In fact it has been seen that most information posted on social media is not the ultimate truth. In fact that couple that you see that posts pictures of themselves every day that is gushing about each other on the social media pages may not be as happy as you might think they are. That beautiful friend of yours who recently purchased a selfie monopod and is always uploading pictures of herself on the Internet may not be as beautiful as you think she is. 

If we were to stop and look deeply at the pictures that are posted on the internet you will notice that the pictures that state the person just woke up and took a selfie out of bed is wearing a lot of makeup for a person who just woke up. Sometimes behind the smiles of the happy couple that keeps posting pictures you might find that there are a few tears that they do not want social media to know about.

Sometimes people post pictures, selfies and purchase selfie monopods simply so that they can cover up what is really happening in their lives. The couple whose relationship hangs in the balance and is worried about what people might be thinking about them might feel that posting pictures of themselves on the internet smiling and hugging each other are really convincing society that they are in fact happy and that the rumors that you’ve heard are not true.

While social media has its many benefits, posting pictures of yourself is not one of them. In fact the number of crimes committed through social media by photographs being stolen off the internet is much higher than you think. See this link for more information about romoss power bank.