Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction

As much as there are many problems faced by children and adults, these vary accordingly. For instance there are physical, social and also mental problems. In some occasions, these disorders are connected due to underlying factors. On the other hand, they are separate and independent problems faced by individuals. Due to hectic and busy work schedules majority of the individuals are always under extreme pressure and stress.

Couples and family units

According to doctors, psychotherapists and others healthcare experts, this is a growing problem. It not only disrupts the bond between the couple but also breaks the family unit. They start blaming each other and even lose interest about his or her spouse and family. As humans, we are bound by behaviour such as love and caring. Physical contact is very important for a married or couple living together.

However, when situations turn to be against them, most of them are felt isolated or lonely. At present, erectile dysfunction is a disorder that majority of men face. It’s not something to be a shame of, as some may think. There are remedies for it, yet, not everyone agrees with it. Here are some treatment options you might not be aware of:

• Lifestyle changes

As noticed in the above paragraphs, there are many causes of this disorder. Stress plays a pivotal role in developing it, as it causes the body’s flight or fight systems to activate. Moreover, lack of physical exercise, addictions to smoking or drugs, etc. are factors that contribute to it. Therefore, specialists’ advice about diet plans, therapy for quitting addictions, etc.

• Drug therapy

This is another type of option that is short term. Some of these oral treatment choices are Viagra (most popular), Levitra and others. It increases the blood supply to the penis causing erection. However, there are certain side effects after taking the drug such as nausea, dizziness, upset stomachs, etc.

• Injections

These are substances that are injected to the end of the penis or replacement of testosterone. It causes pain and for some scarring occurs. In addition, they experience side effects such as increase urination, breast enlargement, etc. Therefore, this method is not a favoured option compared to the ED 1000 shock wave analysis.

• Shockwave therapy

The ED 1000 shock wave therapy uses the help of a machine that uses the technology of acoustics. It exerts extracorporeal shockwaves to the penile tissue, in low densities. As a result, it increases the blood flow to the penis. This is a very safe, non-invasive and painless option, with no reported side effects up-to-date.

• Surgery

Through surgery, a prosthetic shaped rod is inserted to keep the penis rigid all the time or inflate for increased blood flow, with the inbuilt pump. This option is not sort by many as it is invasive and takes time to heal.

The following are the treatment options that are available for those who are facing problems with erectile dysfunction.