5 Quirky Birthday Gift Ideas For Husband

Looking for a birthday gift for your man that is so completely out of the ordinary? Great, that means you want to completely wow your husband and make his special day even more memorable. You might want to express your love and appreciation of him with a gift. So, a simple bouquet of flowers or a men’s perfume bottle will not do. You will have to think outside the box. Here are several extraordinary gift ideas to start with:

1. Tailor-made Mens clothing

His mother might gift him a shirt bought online on his birthday, you certainly don’t have to. Yet, clothes make great gifts as they last longer and are actually useful to the giftee. A pair of pants bought at a local supermarket doesn’t really scream “I really appreciate you.” Therefore, consider tailor making him the best Menswear. You can choose a design that is not widely available in stores. You can even have his initials embroidered. Your man might find it sickly sweet, but sweet nonetheless.

2. Write a poem

Menswear too much for your budget? Then do something that costs zero dollars and write him a poem. It could be a love poem, a friendship poem, haiku or even stream of consciousness verse. As long as he, and his good attributes, are the subject, he will love you more than ever before. A few heartfelt words, after all, will be worth more than all the Rolexes in the world.

3. Mix tape

Does it sound too juvenile? He won’t think so if you can burn him a mixtape with some of his favorite songs. These will have to be songs he loves but is not on his iTunes playlists. Do this and then watch the expression on his face as he receives his special gift.

4. Cook

The way to a man’s heart is really through his stomach. Ditch the usual expensive restaurant night out for his birthday and cook him his favorite meal at home. No Michelin starred chef will be able to match the love and appreciation you can put into a simple homemade meal.

5. Pamper him

Men, too, love a good pampering. Don’t think just because he doesn’t actually talk about bubble baths and foot massages that he won’t want some. You don’t have to spend money at an expensive spa. You can make a temporary spa out of your home. Fill the bathtub and add some bubble bath solution and light up aromatic candles so he can truly feel invigorated on his birthday. Then offer to massage his feet. It will be a memorable birthday for him indeed.

Make your man love and appreciate you even more with one of the above gift ideas. They are unusual, and will be totally unexpected.