Why After-School Activities Are Of Utmost Importance

We have all heard the saying “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” and most of us agree that is true. However, we don’t realize how true it is in a child’s school career. No one remembers school only for the classroom. It’s the lunch break games, the friends we made and the little adventure we had that we remember fondly. But we never realize that those moments are not simply nostalgia but in fact some are defining moments in our life. This is the exact reason why after-school activities should be a part of your child’s life.

One of the many benefits of joining after school sports team is that you learn the virtue of team work. No one can argue that this is not an essential life skill and one that cannot be taught in an international school home tuition class. Learning to work with others is a part of life and a skill we must master if we want to be accepted in society. Wherever we go, we will have to work with others and sometimes we might not exactly agree with their views but we still have to carry on. Earlier we learn to master this skill, the easier life will be for us in the future, it’s as simple as that. No company will hire a person who “does not play well with others”. Other than that, joining a sports team is an excellent way to build up a sense of exercise and fitness. A health is an important part of life and earlier we manage to inculcate that habit, the happier your child will be in the future.

Another benefit of after school activities is the independence of identity you give your child. When they join clubs or take up a hobby, you are allowing them to grow on their own. This lets them develop diverse interests and identify their strengths and weaknesses. They will make decisions for themselves, “should I take up hockey or cello? Or Spanish or Mandarin?” they will make those choices and these help build up their own character and identity and this cannot be developed only in an international school home tuition class. Thus it allows them to take control of their lives and be independent.

A part of life is learning to control the fun and boring, there are things we have to do such as go to work and things we like to do such as dance class or brunch. The key to life is figuring out how to balance all of that. Thus the earlier we start to juggle both work and play, the better we will become ass the time goes. Click this link http://www.connecttuition.com.sg/maths for more information about maths private tuition Singapore.