How To Increase Your Child’s IQ

Children of today are significantly more intelligent than the kids of yesterday. They seem to have a natural affinity for all things electronic, to such an extent that experts fear of social disorders. Every child is different, in physical appearance, disposition, talent and intelligence. No two children are the same when it comes to any of the above characteristics. This is what makes each person unique. A child’s intelligence is something that most parents are usually concerned about. While some believe that a child’s intelligence cannot be increased, some others believe that through practice and habit, it can most definitely be increased. So here are some ways in which you too can increase your child’s IQ.

Embrace your culture

A person’s intelligence not only comes from lessons learnt in school, but also from the lessons learnt from the society. Different children are exposed to different environments and accordingly, this has a positive impact on their IQ. If you belong to a particular culture, make sure that you embrace it and let your child embrace it too. For example, a Chinese enrichment program can be positively great to increase the IQ of a child of the same origin. So take some time to discover your roots with your child.

Teach them to read

Reading is one of the best ways to increase a person’s IQ. There is only so much of things that you or a school can put into a child’s head. Therefore, it is important that you create pathways for your child to know more and gain more knowledge. The best way to do this is to teach your child to read, just like you enrolled him for Chinese enrichment programs. Start off with books written on topics that interest your child. Read to him at bed time. Take time off from work to take him to a local library. All this will teach your child to learn to read. Once he does, his IQ will most definitely be improved.

Mental stimulation

Mental stimulation is another essential when it comes to increasing your child’s IQ. How will you mentally stimulate your child? Well, there are many ways to do so. Activities such as chess, checkers. Crossword puzzles, Sudoku and sports are some such activities. Make sure that your child participates in at least a one such activity.

Eat the right foods

Eating the right food is also important when it comes to ensuring that your kid’s IQ is increasing. A sick child will never have high IQ. So it is important that you keep your child on a proper, well balanced diet. In addition make sure that your child’s meal contains brain food such as broccoli, ginger, fish and certain fruits. Click this link for more information about holiday programme.