Make Your Office Employee And Business-Friendly

If you are operating your business in an age old building with damp walls and unwashed toilets, it is high time that you rethink the facilities and the office space as it is the number one external factor which will drive the productivity and the sense of importance within an employee. If you are running an office which is unclean and unkempt, not only your employees, but also your customers and suppliers will start losing interest in your business and will pull-away if you are seemed to be a business which is failing to keep up the business outlook of it.

Just because you hang a painting on top of a damp wall, your office will not suddenly start looking like a professional establishment. Therefore, follow the below article to see how you could add a business flair and a professional look to the different parts of your organization.

Seating area/ lobby

Whether you are running a large scale business or a serviced office in Kuala Lumpur, the lobby or the seating area is where your potential employees coming for interviews and customers would be seated until their appointment time. Therefore many external parties will be spending a lot of time in this area and therefore you need to make this area extremely people-friendly and professional. The most used hack is to hang the story of you organization with clear pictures as a timeline on the walls. Also, have some business magazines and newspapers of different languages set at the table. Also, since most people would be seated here very nervously have a well kempt water filter with clean drinking cups to be only used by the visitors to the organization. Do not overcrowd this area as the professional look is the target here.


All departments must be treated equally and a theme should be selected for the decorations of the departments. Get rid of the old broken tables and chairs and invest and ergonomic chairs and tables. Equip each department with a vacuum cleaner and a broom and where they can clean it as and when necessary. Also, clean the walls and repaint the all the departments with the same colour theme and hang unique paintings which can be nature related or abstracts which will be soothing to the minds of the employees.

Meet-up areas/ Discussion rooms

There are the rooms where you would be having special meetings and interviews with the people outside your organization and therefore it should give the aura of being ready for business. Neatly stack essential stationary items and mint and water bottles needed for the meeting room in a cupboard inside the room where a list is displayed outside with the shelf numbers. Also, in here you could place the company trophies and certificates so that the business seriousness is communicated within these walls. If you are interested about meeting room you can visit this website .


As much as you feel that the washrooms are a hidden corner in an office, it is actually one of the most used facilities at office by the many people who are within the organization and outside the organization. If the bathroom is heavily muddy with dirt and unwashed tiles, the impression that it created on people will not be too good. Therefore, clean all the corners of the washroom at least twice a day and keep it clean and tidy.

Outside the building

Although the outside of the building may look and feel  like it is not a part of the organizations that landscaping and the trees and flowers on the garden can add a little colour to your organization.  Therefore, prune the trees, plant the flowers and eradicate the weed in order to make sure that the garden or the business premises looks attractive and presentable for the outside parties.