The Art Of Gifting Something That Everyone Likes

Picking a gift for a big group of people is an ultimate challenge due to its tendency of having ‘too many concerns’. Getting something for one person is tricky enough; in this case your mind will be fogged with too many questions. “Will they actually think this is cool?” “Does it look too cheap?” “Will they actually find a use for it?” or “Is this way too basic?”

Without letting your thought train run over you, let’s get a few things straight. In this sort of scenario ‘functionality’ is key. Think about something simple yet essential, something that will actually be important at some instance. Below are a few top door gift ideas to help you shed some light. 


Though inexpensive, it is extremely useful. Because it is evident when you look at workstations at office that most of us are in a grave need of a coaster on the table top to end the suffering of the workspace. What’s more, this is endlessly customizable. The creative you are the better these will be. So it could be cheap, functional and fun too. What more could you ask for?

Flash drives

This is an immediate crowd pleaser as this is an essential item for everyone. It is compact, it is cool and it is definitely useful. You cannot think of anyone who would turn down a pen drive. Though 1GB would suffice, we know the bigger the space the better we feel. Just make sure to not give everyone identical thumb drives as it may lead to so many confusions and scandals at office. We just do not want that.

Travel accessories

Think colorful passport covers and eye catching luggage tags. These will not cost you a stack of money but they will be used and they will last for some time. If they are handpicked with a particularly a good taste they will be proudly owned and raved about. If the number is not too big, you can even get unique ones for each as customised gifts too. Can it get any better?

Power adapters

Power adapters are the real deal. Can you imagine the frustration of ending up somewhere with a dead phone and a charger, not being able to plug it in because the sockets do not match? Uh that seriously is real torture. This will be something that you will be remembered for. Because each and every time their day is saved they will think about your sweet face with relief. Now that is a true reward is it not?