4 Tips To Compile A Successful Publicity Campaign

A publicity campaign can take the face of many tools and mediums i.e. advertising, public relations, email, digital channels like social media, website, content and video marketing and traditional mediums of communication. Using all these channels and mediums of communication advertisers or publicises need to ensure the following factors are fulfilled.

Understanding the target audience

Regardless whatever the communication objective or the resources which are used to for this purpose, advertisers need to ensure the target audience is in line with they are going to offer. This can be understood though analysing the customer buying patterns and their response rate to each communication channel.

Choose the right publicity tools

As much as identifying the right target market, it is vital to identify the right communication tool such as video marketing, to communicate the relevant message or in other words to give publicity to whatever needs to be brought to customer’s attention and as a result drive customers towards to desired call to action. 

Clear Call-to-Action

This is the next success factor of a successful publicity campaign. A clear call to action will provide customers with the clear direction or a path to what needs to be done next after they have absorbed or understood the message we have passed. For example once the video marketing campaign has reached its set objectives the customers need to be given due guidance to follow a set of instructions in order to for us to drive them to the ultimate point of purchase. Hence a clear Call-to-Action action is very much essential when such campaigns are designed and implemented.

Measuring the success

This factor is somewhat less considered and much ignored by most of the advertisers and common communicators due to the simple fact that they believe once the campaign is launched and done they simply do not bother to measure the success of what they have done. Wise communicators find it as the mere stupidity or the utmost failure of such communicators to not measure their communication efforts due to a several reasons. Most of them are afraid to challenge themselves and test themselves of what they have done while others a frightened that their mistakes and wrong doings will be revealed in front of the eyes of the world and more than it being a problem to them they find in embarrassing. Hence certain implications need to be taken to measure the success of the campaign once done. Tools like a small research, a small interview or a questionnaire would be able to supply enough information about the success of the campaign.