The Problem Of Underage Kids Purchasing Liquor Online

Drinking liquor has been designated as a man’s thing for a long time. It is considered as something that only men should do. That is to say others are excluded from it socially. This was the reason why until recent times in a lot of countries around the world it was against the law for women to buy alcohol. There were strict laws with heavy charges for doing so. In addition to that there has always been an age limit to buying alcohol. In recent years that has increased from 18 to 21. Many are under the belief that until you reach 21 it is not a good thing to for people to be able to buy alcohol. The reasoning behind that specific age is somewhat dubious at times but it is the law.
Now of course this has never stopped a lot of teenagers. Their solution to the problem at hand was to forge IDs that make them seem older than they really are. Now this doesn’t necessarily work all the time hence a lot of the younger crowd is reliant on older people to buy the alcohol for them. But along came the option to order alcohol online. This changed the whole ball game. This gave way to a lot of underage people to skipping the age barrier and getting their hands on liquor. This is of course is a very bad issue as through this method you see people as young as 13 ordering and consuming alcohol.

The reason behind this is that there a lot of sites that don’t really require you to confirm your age before purchasing. Take for an example eBay. Now of course they argue saying that none of their stores are allowed to sell without age verification but there are plenty of other ways to purchase alcohol online. That is to say if someone wanted to sell some of his liquor cabinet online he would simply put it online just as he would put a vintage collection of something. There would be no age verification to purchase these items. Hence sites such as eBay need to ensure to have age verification whenever someone tries to order alcohol online.
Now there are certain laws restricting under age buyers again when it comes to the delivery. Delivery companies are supposed to check and see if the person taking the delivery is above the age of 21. But the issue is on a lot of occasions teenagers get away with not revealing their ages or they have a better chance of using their fake IDs with the delivery guy. So at the end of the day there is no proper method to stop this. Necessary action needs to be taken to do so swiftly. View this link for more information about beer online store Singapore.