How Effective Is Various Advertising Places

It can be seen that companies are promoting their products everywhere. Through social media, huge advertising campaigns, print media and various methods. The effectiveness of the selected method depends on the product. If the wrong method is selected the whole point of promoting it disappears.

Print media

Majority of the promotions are done through print media for decades, before the technology era the print media such as new papers, magazines and leaflets were a huge hit. However compared to promoting products in places like the bus advertising space print media is sort of a setback. However the effectiveness of print media depends on the product and the target customers. For example if you are promoting a senior retirement village, there is no point advertising it on social media, the target customers are the retirees so they don’t really engage in social media so the best way would be to research on what print media they read the most and advertise there. Same with some fashion brands and construction equipments. You need to advertise where the customers see it the most. It is no point promoting the product to everyone. For example if you are a electrical equipment supplier, don’t go and promote the products in facebook, you would rather promote it on a monthly construction magazine or the news paper.


Outdoor advertising is when you promote things on bill boards, posters, and in public transport. Many of you might think this is the best way to promote the products, but again this depends on your crowd. If you are promoting a high end fashion brand like Prada, what is the point putting it on a bus advertising space? The people who travel in the public transport are not very much into buying high end goods, they will enjoy the pretty colours while travelling, but this would be a waste of resources and skills to select a public transport to showcase the products. Opposing to that, if you are promoting a general cosmetic item or a store discount scheme this would be okay to advertise in the public transport to be viewed by thousands of people every day.

Social media

Social media has become the latest trend in product promotion. But again the effectiveness of this depends on whom you are promoting it to. If your target audience is the young crowd this is the place to advertise. The new generation is always on the phone and they are always accessible. If you are a pizza place or a food place promoting your products, social media would bring in lot of customers.