An Important Material Used In Many Items

Plastic is an important component in many various types of consumer and industrial products. Such as water bottles, television sets, product containers, vehicles, phones etc. All plastic types are not the same and each type differs from one another. In 1862, at the Great International Exhibition in London plastic which was man-made by Alexander Parkes was unveiled to the public.

However in 1909, Leo Hendrik Baekland, a chemist was the first to coin the term plastic. This term was used to describe the complete set of all new types of plastic materials. But only in 1960s, did the plastic start to rapidly increase and also become available to all consumers because of the inexpensive and affordable cost. This made plastic to be considered as a common use in the consumer market. Today, plastic products play a quite a big and important role in a person’s life.

It is necessary to understand the different types of plastics available in the market today. Especially when making a decision on plastic products supplier for the consumers home and family use. There are varieties of plastic safe food containers and reusable water bottles for consumers to purchase without any health risks. Today Plastic standard uses a code or number for each of the plastic items produced. These numbers are usually found below any plastic goods.

Each and every type of plastic materials has its unique characteristics, however nearly all plastic materials have similar or general qualities and features. Such general features are:

• Very resistant to chemicals – plastics are highly chemical resistant. The home use cleaning products and fluids are all packed and packaged in a plastic container. These plastic container materials are chemical resistance. Other than solvents that can dissolve some plastics easily, most other plastics are non-breakable and safe to use for packages.

• It is both a thermal and electrical insulator – plastics are used for thermal and electrical insulators. All covering purposes for electrical cords, outlets, appliances and wiring are made from plastic. All kitchen products with plastic handles such as pots, pans, kettles, coffee pots, insulated cups, foam cores of freezers and refrigerators, microwave, blender, coolers and other cookware items use plastic that is thermal resistance. Even clothes like thermal underwear and winter jackets used during winter time are made out of specific plastic materials.

• Light in weight and varies in levels of strength – all plastics materials are very light in weight and quite strong. Some plastics vary in strength such as toy structures. Also some plastics are so light in weight that it able to float on water. See this link for more information about laser cut acrylic.