Promoting Your Brand

Starting up a new brand is exciting but you are going to have to come up with a solid marketing plan to let people know your brand exists. The key to a successful brand is to have as many people know about your brand as possible for them recall you brand when seeing certain things that you have associated with your brand and your logo. For example if you have a tropical brand that has coconut trees in your advertisements and coconut trees in your logo, you must market your brand to a point where people will remember your brand even when they see a coconut tree in real life.
Ways to get people to memorise your brand and your logo
One great way to get people to remember your brand is to place your logo in as many places as you possibly can. You can do this easily through your online marketing campaigns on Facebook and on twitter where you create pictures, games and even branded quotations that are true to life with your logo appearing in the background where people will be happy to share your posts with their own friends. An experiential marketing agency will be able to help you out with some exciting and innovative ideas to market a brand.

You can have small events or promotional events where you can have your customers and potential customers engage with you and your product on a one to one level. If for example you have a company that develops video games you may have a street event or an event at a mall that will give your customers the chance to play some of the games that your company has developed and gift them with small inexpensive items with your branding and logos on them. These are the kind of mini events that an experiential marketing agency will be able to help you out with at a cost that is potentially lower than if you were to do it yourself.
Other ideas for promoting your brand are share and win competitions of your facebook page, sample handouts to a few lucky winners and discount vouchers to other winners. You may even have a fun competition at one of your local malls with the permission of the mall where customers will be able to experience your products and have an exciting time with people from your company and with games and other products associated with your brand. Be sure to have all promotional people and all give aways, even the bag and packaging the gifts are branded and your logo is clearly visible.