Tips For Getting The Productivity Levels High In The Office

If you are tired of your employees looking like zombies and acting a tab bit crazy when brunch rolls around your office, then you might have to rethink the productivity levels as well as happiness levels of your employees at work. While usually there are laws and regulations about these sorts of things, before considering those you should think about the money you are losing because your worker is not happy to come to work and are not in their best attitudes for work. So for those who are clueless on how to promote happiness and subsequently increase productivity levels at your workplace, here are some tips to consider.

● Know your employees skills levels and jobs they are undertaking

Doing some regular checks on your employees might seem like a waste of time at first, but it will actually help you understand how your requests and orders are being distributed among the employees. Sometimes there are the cases of one person getting the bulk haul of most work while there are others lazing around, then there are cases of work being tasked to a person who does not possess the skill set required to do the work and et cetera. In all of these cases the work gets half done or is completely off the level of efficiency needed.

● Make time for weekly meetings with teams

It is a good idea to make teams within your employees according to the sections they are responsible for. While this might be hard to do in a hundred or more employee workplace, it is easy to do in a small workforce. You can get updates, thoughts and ideas and also be able to communicate and get to know who is doing what in your projects and activities. This is also to good way for you to get a clear idea on how the operations are being streamlined throughout the office and it will be useful in business planning and development in Singapore.

● Have event nights and give days off for major holidays

While you do not have a say in the mandatory holidays in the calendar, you can always keep the choice for giving an extra day off for major holidays in your office. If it is religious celebration then you only need to offer the holiday to a portion of the office who actually celebrate it. it is also a good idea to have an office celebration during major events and days in the calendar. While it might cut off a bit in your business planning and development schedule, it will be beneficial in the long run.

The most important thing to remember is to reward achievements of employees as their employer on your own rather than delegating it to a secretary or a manager. This will nurture the sense of hard work and improvements of employees. See this link for more information about free business evaluation service Singapore.