Signs Of Pest Infestation In Your Home

Pests are a growing nuisance everywhere. Not only are they now invading our homes but you can also find them making way into your bedroom! They sneak out in the middle of the night, when everyone is fast asleep and come over to bite you when you are trying to unwind and take a good relaxing sleep a night.
If you too are being disturbed by bed bug infestation then it is high time, you need to clear them off as soon as possible. If you want to sleep peacefully and get rid of the bites you have to ensure that you completely get rid of them.
Several times you will only be able to notice signs of bed bug infestation, hence if you are sensing musty smell in your room, then it is a huge sign that it’s been infected by bugs. Basically they tend to generate a kind of chemical through which they communicate, however it’s not possible for everyone to catch the moldy smell.
If you notice spots of blood in upholstered furniture, blankets bed sheet, mattresses and in the couches too then be very careful and start with a proper check up session. Did you notice any speck of blood chiefly near the seams? If yes then most probably this might be a case of pest infestation. Look out for exoskeletons:

Just in case you did not know, bedbugs also come with an outer shell and from time to time they keep shedding it. You might just notice them all around on the bed cover, beneath the couch, mattress pad and so on. They look like black, small specks scattered here and there. Just in case you notice it, these might also turn out being its excrement.
After the mating is done, female bedbugs generally lay white eggs in little shelters, crevices and cracks. Bear in mind that they might look very tiny and small, because a bedbug itself is not huge and resembles the size of an apple seed.
You need to know your enemy well:
They are very tiny and wingless and have a flat body. So far as its color, it can vary from whitish to brown tone and grow about 0. 5 cm. They can also be seen with naked eye however do not usually creep outside during broad daylight.
What do they feed on?
At day time they generally hideaway in dark places such as wall cracks or inside furniture’s. Mostly they feed on animal and human blood and come out a night. The bites occur before dawn. After they are done with their meal which usually lasts for about three minutes, they leave their host and creep back into their hiding place. They can also go without feeding for several weeks and last for about 9 to 10 months.