How To Save Money When Refurbishing The House

Refurbishing a house can be quite daunting as it is very costly. But that shouldn’t stop you from having a nice house. If you haven’t refurbished your house for a while it is time that you do it and there are many ways to keep the cost low.

The furniture

When you are refurbishing a house the biggest expense goes to the furniture you buy, those cupboards, tables and beds can cost quite a lot. But if you follow furniture minimalis method which is to get simple but elegant furnitures you can save some money on that. There are plenty of shops that sell simple and stylish furniture and these doesn’t cost much. Also there is a way of getting good quality used furniture if you cannot afford brand new ones. However if you are good at carpentry you can always make your own furniture to save a lot of money. Also if you wait till the Christmas sale and the boxing day there is a higher chance that you may get furniture for a good deal.

Use poufs

If you cannot afford to buy a lot of chairs and seating, there are always ottomans that you can buy for a cheaper price. This also goes well with the furniture minimalis in Indonesia concept to have simple fittings. Ottomans are much like bean bags but you can get them in proper leather colours and various designs. These are much cheaper than actual furniture but they can be used as seats in the living room and the tv lobby. These can even be used in the bedrooms. If you have the required tools and skills you can make your own poufs as well. This will be a good project to undertake.

Art and crafts

It’s a given fact that most people love to have arts and paintings in the house. These show the class and elegance. But the problem is that these are quite expensive and if you are to fill every room in the house with a painting it will cost you a lot of money. But this shouldn’t stop you from creating this look. You can buy one good painting and hang in the living room and for the rest of the rest of the rooms you can either take a print out of a painting and print it in a large paper and frame and hang it or if you are good at painting you can try to make your own art. This is very cost efficient and it will help give a very personal touch in the house.