Getting Kids To Brush And Floss Properly

Kids usually hate things that they are supposed to do. When it comes to healthy habits, one needs to keep reminding them. Even then they try and find ways of not doing it and often need to be cajoled to do it right every time. It is the same issue when it is a matter of their personal hygiene as well. Here are some tips to follow in order to encourage them to remember the importance of oral hygiene and how to do it right.

Making it a game

When kids have to be told to brush every night, it could be made into a game rather than a chore. Mom and dad could be participating in the game and everyone tries to get all the corners done in record time. The gift or reward for the game could be getting to see a bit more of one’s favorite television serial or getting a story read out by a parent before the child goes to sleep. This is something any dentist will recommend.

Getting an electric toothbrush

You might be worried about whether your child is brushing all the corners and the necessary parts of the teeth and that is a rightful worry. In order to ensure that the teeth get cleaned properly and the child has to do a little work, you could opt for an electric toothbrush. That will make it a cool factor and kids will look forward to using the brush every morning and night. You need to ensure that you get a child friendly version, though that will not get spoiled easily by mishandling. You could find out what your dentist thinks about this idea.

Explain the possible diseases

Kids have an active imagination and you could trigger off their hyperactive mind by showing them images of what happens to teeth when food particles are left in the mouth and in between the teeth for a long time. The gruesome details and images will help to jar the importance of brushing and keep them active in this arena for some time. Visiting the best dentist regularly will also help in building the importance of dental hygiene in their minds.

Let them pick up the supplies

If you let your child choose the toothbrush they want as well the flavor of the paste or other supplies like floss, it will certainly hold their attention and interest for some time. It might not guarantee their regularity forever, but it will help to build the ongoing habit of dental hygiene that is important. There are other kinds of ideas that one can explore when they are trying to encourage healthy dental habits in their children.